Results and Outputs

Transnational Report

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Executive Summary Research

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As the project progress, here you will be able to find the following material produced during the project lifecycle:

SAFE Train-the-Trainer Programme

The Train-the-Trainer programme consists of a curriculum and related training materials for a blended learning offer for adult educators who work with senior learners (65+).

– Introduces adult educators to the issue of fake news.

– Sensitises them on the specific learning needs of seniors.

– Enables them to develop the digital, critical thinking skills of seniors.

– Acquaints them with concepts and methodologies of age-sensitive learning.

– Provides them with the skills to facilitate a multimedia production process.

SAFE Fake News Workshops

The six SAFE Fake News Workshops are addressed to senior learners who want to develop their digital competences and critical thinking skills with regard to fake news on the internet.

In these workshops, the seniors:

– Learn where and why fake news are produced and circulated.

– Understand the role of social media in multiplying fake news.

– Develop competences to check news for accuracy and truthfulness.

– Analyse and reflect their own news sharing habits.

– Learn how to produce audio and video statements.

– Produce audio and video statements about their own experience with fake news.

SAFE Learning and Information Hub

The SAFE Learning and Information Hub serves as an online learning platform as well as an information repository and networking tool for senior learners and the adult educators working with them.

It includes two sections for adult educators:

– Training space for participating in the SAFE Train-the-Trainer Programme

– Repository, with educational resources on development of seniors’ digital competences and critical thinking skills, senior internet use, and a collection of links to other relevant resources

Three parts of the Hub directly address senior learners:

– Learning videos on fake news, media literacy and critical thinking

– Multimedia production toolbox with tools for producing, editing and publishing audio and video statements

– Space for seniors’ audio and video statements of seniors’ own fake news experience