Join the Erasmus+ European initiative SAFE dedicated to improving the skills of seniors (65+) to identify fake news more easily. At SAFE, we are committed to empowering seniors in their capacity to detect misinformation. Our mission? To expand their digital literacy skills, which should go beyond learning how to use smart devices and navigate the web!

Wondering what we’ve been up to?

🔹 SAFE Train-the-Trainer Programme

Our partners have been working on a unique learning experience. The Train-the-Trainer Programme consists of a curriculum and related training materials for a blended learning offer for adult educators who work with senior learners. The SAFE blended learning programme combines several attributes to create a blend of age-sensitive structured and unstructured learning that includes tutor-led learning, self-paced learning through accessible and interactive material, collaborative learning, and debate with peer groups, friends and/or work colleagues, as well as customised content in five languages.

🔹 SAFE Fake News Workshops

A series of six Fake News Workshops will be implemented in all partner countries addressing senior learners. During these workshops, seniors will develop their digital competencies and critical thinking skills with regard to fake news on the internet. But firstly, we will pilot the curriculum with adult educators and seniors to check its quality and effectiveness!

What’s on the horizon for SAFE?

An online learning hub! Brace yourselves for an immersive online course featuring interactive activities. Dive deep into the SAFE courses targeting both adult educators and seniors.

Meet the team!

Meet the dedicated team working on SAFE’s project results. Partners from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Cyprus have joined their forces and are working on creating the Train-the-Trainer Programme and the Fake News Workshops.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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