Project partners from Slovenia (LUP), Cyprus (CARDET), Italy (CESIE), Germany (BUPNET), Austria (die BERATER) and Greece (KMOP), participated at the 3rd Consortium Meeting of the Erasmus+ project SAFE that was organized in sunny Nicosia, Cyprus on 29 – 30/05/2023.

During the 3rd transnational meeting, the consortium worked on the progress of our project that aims to improve the skills of seniors (65+) to identify fake news more easily. More specifically, we discussed and worked on activities relating the Curriculum for adult educators. We made the final remarks on the Curriculum that will provide adult educators with professional skills and tools for developing elderly people’s ability to detect online misinformation. In addition, we discussed about age-sensitive didactic and methodological principles in digital competence education to promote the participation of senior citizens in lifelong learning. We also shared ideas about ways of engaging older adults through video making about fake news that will be included in the following results of SAFE project.

The managerial and financial aspects of the project were addressed, the quality of the results assessed, and the next steps for piloting the curriculum in autumn 2023 were planned.

Stay tuned about the training program for mentors and the workshops to empower older adults in identifying fake news, which will be implemented as a pilot phase in all partner countries during autumn 2023!

The present article was prepared by Eva Salmatani, KMOP (Greece).