Empowering Seniors: Fake News Workshops Across Europe
28 May, 2024

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent series of Fake News Workshops held from January to May 2024, across six partner countries: Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Cyprus.

The workshops were specifically tailored to address senior learners, aiming to enhance their digital competences and critical thinking skills in navigating the vast landscape of fake news on the internet. Through engaging activities and discussions, seniors and adult educators from the above-mentioned countries, delved into the intricacies of identifying misinformation online, while also learning how to use and navigate through social media platforms.

We are proud to announce that over 60 seniors and 60 adult educators actively participated in these workshops, contributing their insights and experiences. Their valuable feedback has been meticulously collected to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the program.

🔹 SAFE Fake News Workshops with seniors

Throughout the workshops, participants engaged in a diverse range of activities aimed at enhancing their understanding of fake news and digital literacy. They delved into the history and social context of fake news, explored its definitions, intentions, and impact, and learn techniques to identify and combat misinformation online. Additionally, participants examined how social media platforms monetize content and learn about common online apps, safety measures, and privacy settings. The workshops culminated in a hands-on experience of video production, where participants learned about equipment, scriptwriting, editing, and sharing, ultimately creating videos reflecting their understanding and experiences with fake news.

🔹 SAFE Train-the-Trainer Workshops with adult educators

The Train-the-Trainer workshops aimed to actively involve adult educators in a variety of activities and discussions designed to bolster their digital literacy and sharpen their critical thinking abilities. They delved into the intentions behind fake news dissemination, explored various types of fake news and their dissemination methods, and examined the role of social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Furthermore, they learnt effective ways to combat fake news on social media and gained insights into how platforms like Facebook monetize content. Finally, they explored age-sensitive didactics, didactic principles and methods, equipment and techniques for video production, writing video scripts, learning styles of older individuals, and the role and responsibilities of the trainers.

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